The Camp Vega Foundation

The Camp Vega Foundation

The Camp Vega Foundation (CVF) was created in the Spring of 2018 to offer financial assistance to families to become part of the Camp Vega experience.

We recognize the wide range of benefits of camp and strive to provide this experience to as many applicants as possible through donations.

Summer camp provides growth to youth on many levels, and the social and emotional growth of experiencing summer as a camper at Vega is remarkable. The skills learned and friends made every summer enhance the foundation of every child's character.

The Foundation also partners with families on an ongoing basis to stay up-to-date with their daughter's academic, social, artistic, and athletic achievements.

The Camp Vega Foundation provides opportunities for young girls to discover their strengths and experience the joy of being themselves.

We strive to accomplish our mission through Camp Vega values:

Believe in Yourself

Through their Vega experience, girls learn independence, perseverance, grit, resilience, and ultimately a strong sense of self-belief.

Build Unity

By supporting each other, campers are rewarded with a strong sense of belonging.

Live with Integrity

By being accountable for our actions, we role-model and teach self-awareness, authenticity, and accountability.

Choose Gratitude

We encourage each other to focus on the positive and expend energy on thinking about all the good in our lives.

Have Empathy

With empathy, we can understand and respect each other. This is an important reason why the Vega community is a safe and loving one in which special friendships can be made.